The Final Post! Part Four – The Finale! – GEAR 4TH!


Yes funny dude from the meme, “Final” means what I think it means! Not my fault I had so much to say that it required my final post being cut into four parts! Ok well it is my fault but all in good reason I assure you 😛 Now anyway, since my earlier posts generated so much traffic I decided that I needed to kick it up a notch for the final piece of the puzzle!

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Well for my final post I decided to go personal, it is something I dont usually do but it is to re-enforce a point about something that happened recently.

Back in 2013 I started suffering from depression, things were just going wrong in my life and I couldn’t handle it. As a result my school marks began to slip simply because I was not interested in my subjects anymore, I was down right miserable, however I still continued to try my best but unfortunately it was not good enough. Midway through the year I decided I wanted to change my subjects but the school advised strongly against it since they believed it was a mistake and I would surely fail. However the only chance I had at changing my subjects was to first convince the teachers of the subjects I wanted to move to too take a risk and let me join their classes. I managed to convince them and with that I was allowed in under the condition I proved myself with my marks. From the day I stepped into my new classes I was a changed person, and from that day on my marks had never been better.

I managed to find my mentors in three teachers I got along with, namely my Biology, Drama and history teacher for the reasons that they took the time to encourage and nurture my potential. Simply pushing me to strive to the best of my abilities and believing that i could do so much better if given the opportunity. It is very rare to find people that encourage and nurture someone so that they start to believe in themselves enough to reach their potential, this was something I was also able to find in two English teachers that taught me in my last two years of high-school as well as one very special one that took the time to help me during extra lessons, helping me finally achieve a goal I had set out to achieve in the beginning of my matric year of passing with at least a 70.

The point to the above is that I believed coming across such people, people that can help change the view you have on the world and help lift you up to the point of changing your own perception was a once in a life time experience, and if you are fortunate enough to have experienced it once you should be grateful.

The thing about that is with all the people I have met and all the friends I have made, I thought all the growing and view changing I could do was done, entering into my first year of university in a different city, I strongly believed that I wouldn’t make any new friends and that I would just become a slave to my work ….. and was I gravely mistaken! Well I was only half wrong, I did make many friends, but still ended up becoming a slave to my work simply because I loved what I was doing so much!

Over the past year I have had the privileged of meet, getting to know and mostly befriending a lot of different people! When I entered my university I strongly believed I would be an outcast and that I wouldn’t fit in anywhere…. Again I was greatly mistaken! As I spoke to people and got to know them I realised there was no other place that I would have rather been, I finally found the thing I was searching for, a place where I felt that I belonged.

It wasn’t long before I started assisting, with my first assist being a Assistant Director, managing to meet many amazing people, get to know them and befriend many of them. What many of them said they liked about me was my drive and my willingness to just help out wherever I could.

Over the next few months I would come to know what it meant to be apart of the art department, meeting many extraordinary people that took me under their wing such as Alto de Kock and my lecturers Mr Michael Ivy and Miss Stephanie Esterhuizen. After walking into their classroom and experiencing my first Costume, Make-Up, Styling and Production design lectures I was hooked, I never even stood a chance against the seductive powers that the art department had and I fell into temptation! Once I had completed my first year course of CMS and PD I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my studies, it was just a waiting game from then on, having to deal with two more terms of subjects that I gave my all in but knew I wasn’t interested in.

However, I would be lying to you if there I said there were not any times where I had my doubts that film was the career that I wanted to go into, I had many of them, but that all changed during my third term assisting.

During the month long holiday after our third term, I decided to assist on as many third year grad films in the CMS and PD departments (spoken about in my earlier posts) and that is how I met Talya Goldmann, a skilled CMS student in second year who has a knack for the art of Special effects (AKA SFX) make-up. I learnt much from her in my assist, however things truly changed for me when I met Skye, Storm and Grendon. It was after I had assisted these three that I realised, like in my high-school career I found another three people that would heavily impact my life, I found my new mentors of the next generation!

The three of them don’t really know what they did to have such an impact on my life and neither did I, well not in terms of being able to put into words until recently. The way that they impacted my life was not only helping me come to terms with the fact that film, more accurately Art department, was what I wanted to do with my life, they also taught me so much and helped me change my out look on the world simply because when I was with them they made me feel alive! All the work I did, everything I did to help them, made me feel like I had a purpose and through helping them I slowly started to change into someone that no longer just saw all the bad in the world, but the good as well, finally seeing the world in black and white, along with its shades of gray and all the silver linings that accompanied it.

Meeting these three people, as well as Miss E, Mr Ivy, Alto and Talya helped change my perspective on a lot of things and helped me grow as a person.

However, it wasn’t just these people that helped me to grow this year, everyone that I have met, interacted with and every decision I have made up until this point have had an impact on my life. I became tired of being the angry and horrid kid at the end of my high-school career and am glad to finally be able to say that becoming the kind person I was before and always wanted to be has finally come back and have been able to interact with many people which has helped me to make many friends that I am happy to have and they have all impacted on my life immensely.

To end off I would just like to thank everyone that has said kind things about me this year. Starting university was not easy, especially with the mind set I had originally, but meeting you all, learning from you all, has helped me become someone I am proud to be, adding on to all the past experiences and help I had in my growth and I will not disappoint you, I will continue to grow and hopefully become someone one day that will help the world the way I have been helped!

Good bye world! This is Ryan Reid-Thomson signing off for the last time this year, and I hope you all will have a lovely time with the rest of 2015! Remember, always help someone out, even if it’s as little a thing as asking them how they are or if they want to talk. Observation is key, never let the little things go unnoticed, you never truly know what someone is going through and just by them seeing that at least one person has noticed something is wrong or that at least one person is genuinely interested how they are, can change their life 🙂

P.S. – To Grendon, Skye and Strom, The three mentors I never expected to meet and the three friends I never expected to make….. You are all extraordinary people, I never imaged I would have to go through leaving people I thought of as mentors so soon! It felt just like yesterday I was sayiong goodbye to the ones I had in highschool and now I am saying goodbye to the new generation that I met in university. However, it is not goodbye, It’s simply until we meet again 🙂 Hopfully sometime soon soon 🙂 Wishing you all the best of luck in your future and may it be the ones that you strive for and the ones you all clearly deserve 🙂

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Image 1: Luffy Enters Fourth Gear, Accessed December 12th 2015. Located at:

Image 2: Luffy with 4th Gear Activated, Accessed December 4th 2015. Located at:

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Image 4: Goodbye Goku, By Link-Leo, Accessed December 12th 2015. located at:



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  1. Ryyyyannn. blush. Thank you for playing a vital part in each of our Afda adventures, it wouldn’t have been the same had you not joined us. See you soon ‘future’ Ryan – I look forward to reminiscing about old Ryan and Skye over a coffee soon

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