The Final Post! Part One – The Ban Is Lifted! – Darkstar

Good Day World! So for those of you who have been following my blog you will know I assisted on three graduation films for Costume, Make-Up, Styling and Production Design a few months ago and got into it a little in previous posts, but now that they are finally online I can go in-depth and even share some pictures 😛

Unfortunately I can not share photos from all three sets as I lost the pictures from first two due to phone being stolen and not backing pictures up before then but oh well I can still talk about it 😛

DarkstarDark Star                                                       (Follow the link and Click view production)

First we have dark star, my job along with my friend Thomas was to take full control over the production design for this film as our third year, Grendon, was busy building the sets of another third year film that i would work on after this one. However he did come in now and then to make sure we were doing a good job.

For this film we had to do a lot of prop sourcing, we were given a list two days before set up and told too find everything on it….. Well to this day I do not know how Thomas and I got it done, but we did! Firstly having too check our own homes and ask our friends and family if they had things we could borrow since we were on a budget. The most bizarre thing on our list must have been having to find a squid ….. yes a squid, not a living one but do you know how hard it is too find a full squid in Cape Town during September? It’s Very difficult….. Luckily my partner Thomas knew a guy XD I’d say one of the greatest moments was when we had to source books for this set…. YES BOOKS! and A LOT OF THEM! We ended up jam packing Thomas’s car with over 450 books which we had to bargain and deal for!

The part of the set that was not so much fun…… Having to carry all the props and set dressing up three flights of stairs…… At least it was a good work out…… All in all the set was great, work long hours to make sure everything was done for shooting and even more long hours while shooting, making sure everything was put back in its original place for continuity and can you imagine how much work that is when the director insists that there must be shots where they tip over the towers of books XD Not complaining, it was actually fun and good experience.

All in all, working on this set and being given so much responsibility was excellent experience and it has definitely benefited me in projects that came after it. Lesson learned from this was that when you are thrown in the deep end, you better learn too swim quickly, otherwise you are going to drown and that is something not acceptable in this industry.

I would just like to send a very large shout out to all cast, crew and assistants for this set, everyone worked well and amazingly and the end product speaks for its self! Everyone can be proud of themselves as well as each other for the great work that was done in front of and behind the camera!

Hey what a surprise, I managed to find a few pictures from the set! I’m just too lazy to go back and change my earlier statement XD They were from when we were shooting and not progression images like you will see later on for a different set.


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