The Final Post! Part Three – The Ban Is Lifted! – What If I Was Wrong?

Moving on to the third and final film I assisted on. All I can say for now is that this set brought me to the point where I had become a new person…..

What If I Was Wrong?

WIIWW_Poster_400x600_final                   (Follow the link and Click view production)

Now you might be asking, how did working on this set do this to me? Well firstly we have to go back to the beginning…….

It all started when I came off of working non-stop from the previous sets i was on, however this set would prove to be the most challenging in terms of pre-production as we had to build the main set from scratch. After spending two weeks of grueling physical labour, of which I could not be all that much help in being the most physically unprepared of all the  production design crew, but I sure did try my best. Once all the building and dressing was done we went straight in to filming, spending many hours on set, checking for continuity, making sure everything is running smoothly and also lending myself to other departments where it was needed in my very rare moments of rest from production design.

I met a lot of great people on this set, finding my three mentors I have grown quite fond of and learnt a lot from. I made a good amount of friends and contacts as well simply by asking them how their days where going, how they were and just offering assistance in any possible way, even if it was just getting them a beverage or something to eat.

After all the long hours on this set, after being able to see just how important it was for each department to work with each other hand communicate what it was that they were doing, I was finally able to see film work as a whole and not just its individual pieces.

What got me fired up about this set was how much i was actually being able to learn and absorb through just observing how people did things. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life in the fact that it actually allowed to finally understand what path I wanted to take in life.

I really wanted to assist on the Costume, Make-Up and Styling for this film, however Skye, The Head Of Department for CMS on this set and her first assistant, Storm, had things down to a fine art that I could not really assist, however that did not stop me from trying, taking on even the smallest of jobs such as just watching for continuity for the performers to ensure that their hair and costumes were always on point or just getting them food or something to drink. There is not a single thing worth not doing if it means you get even the smallest shred of experience or the chance at making a new contact for your network, luckily for me I not only managed to add a whole new list of contacts to my network through my assist, but also gained extremely valuable experience and information as well as making amazing new friends along the way.

Once the set was done and I actually took a moment to sit down and comprehend everything I had just been through during all my assists I finally realised that Costume, Make-Up, Styling and Production Design, otherwise known as a whole as the art department, was where i was meant to be, it was the path i was meant to walk down and the path I shall continue down until the end of my time.

Just wanting to send a very large shout out to all cast, crew and assistants for What If I Was Wrong?! Every single one of you were a pleasure to work with I can  definitely say I learnt a lot from this set! Thank you for the experience, knowledge and the friendship gained from you all!

Now for some fun stuff…… You get to see the before, The after and the little inbetweens of the set 😛 See that inbetween comment was a pun….. for all those that dont know, the original title for What If I Was Wrong? was going to be The Inbetweeners ….. I’m just funny that way ok? PUNS ARE FUN!



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