The Final Post! Part Two – The Ban Is Lifted! – The Locket

Continuing from my previous post, The Final Post! Part One, I will be talking about the second set I had the privileged of working on.

The Locket

locketposter131octUPDATE                                                      (Follow the link and Click view production)

For this film I mainly assisted on the Pre-Production work. What that entailed was working many hours, day and night, doing a lot of research into the second world war and looking into what the Nazi soldiers and Jewish prisoners wore as well as other things to ensure that the Costume, Make-Up and Styling was as accurate and authentic to the time as possible. The person I assisted for CMS was Talya Goldmann, a skilled second year that helped me learn quite a few things while assisting her, especially the importance of in-depth research and how important it was.

Once the research was all done and out of the way we managed to find someone to make the prison uniforms, which unfortunately for us was made of a synthetic material which would not bleach, which was needed for an aged and worn out look, so we did the next best thing….. we sanded them….. all 15 pairs of the prison uniforms…… an experience I never wish to repeat with the time we had XD Unfortunately the Nazi uniforms where not as accurate as we would have liked due to the inability to get the precise ones needed but we managed with what we had and all in all, after all the hard work put into the costumes by The Head Of Department and all the assistants, as well as the few awesome people we managed to rope in to help us, we got it all done and it looked amazing!

Once my pre-production CMS assisting came to an end, i was off to assist Grendon once again on the production design, which was already being well done by the others that were assisting and i was able to help them on the final day to just put up the finishing touches. The real fun came when I was asked to do production design continuity checks and assist on the one evening of shooting. It was then that i learnt the true importance of continuity photos as well as learning something new about myself….. I got really good at running continuity, having only to look at the photos a few times before i could do it all from memory. I also learnt why it’s good to have an assistant….. So that you can make them carry all the stuff out the car up steep flights of stairs and justify it as being good experience for them XD All in all I loved every moment of it….. yes even the part of having to make numerous trips back and forth between the car to carry up crates of stuff and fetching things that were forgotten XD

I really enjoyed working on this set, the people were amazing, the set was amazing and just everything about it was amazing. My love for history and my love for film finally had a chance to meet and i was able to fully geek out and show my superiors what a dedicated history lover could do for them!

Just a big shout out to all cast, crew and assistants for this film! Everyone from every department really pulled out all the stops and giving it your all was an inspiring thing to witness! I do not know how much prep work went in from the other departments but I do applaud the effort and dedication that was given to bring this film to where it ultimately ended up!

It would seem that i do also have a few pictures from the set but again none of the ‘before’s’ to compare to the ‘after’s’ unfortunately.


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