Dancing With The Fairies!

Good evening world! For some time now I have noticed the importance of having the ability to see and understand hidden meanings in content we absorb on a day to day basis. From an early age I have had this skill, noticing things many wouldn’t, however it was not until recently that I was able […]

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Call Me The Phoenix King!

“…..Just as the world will be reborn in fire, I shall be reborn…..” – Fire Lord Ozai Good Day World! I am sure many of you are wondering why i have chosen such a tittle for my post…… Well I felt it appropriate due to circumstances that seem to befall me during my great absences […]

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Let the Mentoring begin!

Good day/evening world! There is no greater feeling in the world than that of the one of helping out a fellow member of a craft that you find yourself to be passionate about and rarely can you share the knowledge you have accumulated with another that has a passion almost as strong! Over the past […]

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Spreading The Word!

Good day/evening world! Today’s post will be a little different. It will not be about the wonders of exploring the untapped reserves of infinite knowledge and getting mind wrecked over thinking about things that could turn our lives upside down. Today’s post is to help out a dear cousin of mine with his Life Orientation […]

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